PL -602 haut parleur automobile

Référence: PL-602

44,99 MAD


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  • Suitable for all models Designed for using in any vehicle audio system. The solid magnets used are very durable and are not degaussing, which works well.
  • 6.5-inch speaker The 6.5-inch speaker can bring you more loud and beautiful music, and the sound quality is also very good, not easy to be distorted or produce noise.
  • Excellent workmanship This 300W power horn is exquisitely crafted, lightweight and easy to install, making it easy to carry and use.
  •  Rubber + magnet Consisting of high quality rubber and magnets, it uses an anti-aging PE rubber edge that resists high temperatures while extending service life.
  •  Perfect Fitment It can be placed in the door, glove box panel, or luggage, panel, etc., to save the space in the most reasonable way, while allowing you to enjoy high-quality sound.

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16 cm , 5"
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way speaker
2 way speakers

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